AdminBot is a ready up match manager for Counter-Strike (1.6, Source and GO) developed for the Nexen's LAN Parties.

AdminBot is beta release, documentation is not written yet.

Current release is 9.2.3.

Ready-to-use virtual machine (virtualbox)

Download and import following file into virtualbox, then boot :

Debian/Ubuntu Installation deb package

AdminBot is available for Debian and Ubuntu Linux distributions trough apt-deb packages.

Open a terminal or login to your console then add Nexen APT repository :

# Add Nexen repository to your APT package manager
echo "deb /" > /etc/apt/source.list.d/nexen.list

# Refresh your APT repository cache and install adminbot package
apt-get update
apt-get install adminbot

This will install everything (Apache2 web server, Mysql5 database server, php5 ...), then you should be able to access web interface through address

Don't forget to edit /etc/adminbot/adminbot.conf and change the "logaddress" setting with your own server IP :

logaddress= #AdminBot IP on which gameservers send their logs. May be your LAN or WAN IP (NAT).

Then restart the bot :

# Restart adminbot
/etc/init.d/adminbot restart

Release Notes :

  • Does not work on debian7 due to a socket library bug, use Debian 6 or 8 instead !
  • If you don't have any dedicated machine for debian/ubuntu, you can use Virtualbox to run a debian virtual machine from windows.
  • You need to setup your CS/CSS servers with previous adminbot rules config files (downloadable from your AdminBot web interface installation)